The macaroon cookie is made from whipped egg whites, sugar and nuts. The French macaroon is based on two thin layers of colored macaroon dough with a layer of cream between them.


Cannoli is an Italian pastry consisting of a pasta-like dough filled with a sweet filling. The word cannoli is the plural form of the word Cannolo which literally means a small tube.


A croissant is a famous pastry from French cuisine, named after its crescent shape.


Conch made of shingles of thin dough leaves with a sweet filling.

Red Velvet Mini-Cake

Also called red velvet cake - a red layer cake with cream.


French pastry filled with cream made from batter. Drizzled with a drizzle bag and baked until golden and hollow on the inside.


Sabrina is a yeast cake dipped in rum-flavored sugar syrup, filled with cream and garnished with cherries.

Apple Pies

In the United States, apple pie is a symbol of Americanism - some say "As American as apple pie." Crispy dough tartlet filled with apples and cinnamon.


The American donut in a colorful fondant coating,


The wonderful American dessert that combines croissant and donut.


A type of chocolate cake named after its brown color. In the United States, the homeland of brownies, they are served with ice cream or whipped cream.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A chocolate chip cookie or chocolate chip cookie is a cookie in which chocolate is the main ingredient, and originated in the United States.


Crème brûlée, Milfey, which means "a thousand leaves", is also known as Napoleon cake. It is a cake made from several layers of caramelized baked puff pastry with a filling between the layers.

Cinnamon Roll

Rolled pastry filled with cinnamon topped with cream and candied nuts.
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